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Friday, April 20, 2012

Stop Coming Over-the-Top

Although I have other Quick Guides planned, Stop Coming Over-the-Top finishes a golf trilogy of sorts.

Stop Coming Over-the-Top book coverMore Golf Swing Speed focused on getting more distance out of your downswing.

Accurate Iron Play focused on getting more accuracy out of your downswing.

And Stop Coming Over-the-Top focuses on the backswing and change of direction that makes both of those downswings not only possible but effective. Obviously this is the book that goes into detail about one-piece takeaways... but it covers material that goes into far more detail than I could ever hope to cover on this blog. I'm particularly proud of this one.

I specifically dealt with the causes and fixes for an over-the-top swing because that's the most common problem weekend golfers have -- and I came up with a very unusual but effective way to explain the mechanics of an over-the-top swing, if I do say so myself. But the book just generally covers the mechanics of a good takeaway and a good change of direction at the top of the backswing, so it will help any golfer trying to improve his or her swing.

This Quick Guide includes several drills and 35 diagrams (!) and it covers a variety of topics like:
  • What really causes an over-the-top swing
  • How to create a good shoulder coil with a big swing arc
  • A simple way to get your swing on plane
  • Why your lower body always starts your downswing… but not always correctly
  • How to start your downswing correctly every time
  • Why you have trouble "holding" your wrist cock until late in your downswing
  • How to stop "chicken-winging"
It even includes a series of diagrams -- both left- and right-handed -- that can be used like a flipbook to identify where changes happen at various points during the swing. (Yes, you can even do it with the PDF.)

Stop Coming Over-the-Top is $4.99 (just like Accurate Iron Play, although SCOTT is noticeably longer). The PDF and EPUB versions are already available direct from me, and the Kindle version is well into the publishing process at Amazon. ( is processing their EPUB version as well. The Smashwords versions will be along in a few days.)

I feel that with these three books I've done a pretty good job of making the basics of a good swing easy enough that a weekend player can build a solid game with a minimum of practice... and without spending a fortune to do it. I hope you guys like them.

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