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Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Junkman's At It Again!

I've posted video of Fredrik Jacobson before, but since he's currently leading the Travelers again -- he's defending champ, you know -- I thought it might be nice to look at his swing again. Here's some video from last week at the U.S. Open:

If you saw GC Friday night, you may have seen the video showing him laying off the club as he started his downswing a la Sergio (GC said he came over-the-top, but if you've read my book on the topic you know they're using that term incorrectly) and then holding the clubface open. You may have gotten the impression that he does that all the time, but he doesn't. Both this video and the one on the other post clearly show a Steve Stricker-type move. The difference is that he was fading the ball in the GC clip and is drawing the ball in the ones I have. You can clearly see the clubface closing at impact in this clip.

Just one thing I'd like to point out. Here's a video grab from about the :04 mark in the video, showing Freddie at waist high. Take a good look at that clubface, folks -- he's NOT twisting his forearms on the way back. That's why he hit 71% of his fairways on Thursday and 79% on Friday. If you want to hit the ball consistently, don't twist your forearms. If you twist them on the way back, you have to untwist them the same amount on the way down... and that's hard to do on every swing.

The video from the other post is really good, and it shows Freddie-Yak from both a face-on and down-the-line view. But this one clearly shows how consistent Freddie's swing is, which help explains why he not only manages to keep his card but seems to be getting better as he ages. I wouldn't bet against him defending his championship this weekend.

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