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Friday, June 8, 2012

The Look

It's hard for me to think much about golf at this moment. I just finished watching Game 6 of the NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics. It was awesome.

In case you aren't a basketball fan, let me tell you that you missed some history. LeBron James, under all kinds of personal pressure where the media (and fans) have questioned his heart for the game, plus the knowledge that they had to win this game or be out of the playoffs, turned in a playoff game performance with stats that only Wilt Chamberlain ever matched. I think they said that was way back in 1964.

But one thing that really stood out was the look on LeBron's face. The camera zoomed in on him several times during the game and he looked... well, not angry but extremely determined. The Heat's coach said LeBron had been that way for 24 hours, and that his determination literally raised the bar for the whole team.

Thursday I also watched some of the Wegmans, and I noticed that Cristie Kerr had a "look" that I haven't seen with her for a while. It wasn't a serious look like LeBron's. Rather, it was the way she looks when she "walks in" her putts. She was hitting the ball all over the place during the first round and had to dig it out of the rough most of the day. And yet she finished just one shot off the lead.

When Cristie Kerr is walking her putts in -- that is, she starts walking after them before they ever reach the hole -- she's as dangerous as LeBron is when his game is on.

Two years ago Cristie Kerr blew the field away on this very course. And now she's got that look that means she's putting light's-out again. I think I'm picking her to win this week.

I don't think I'd bet against LeBron & Company in the 7th playoff game either. Looks can be dangerous on any playing field.

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