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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mel Reid's Swing

A lot of Americans aren't familiar with Melissa Reid (who generally just goes by Mel), but she's someone we'll hopefully be seeing more often here in the U.S. during the coming months. She got a lot of attention this past weekend by winning only a month after her mom died. She said that after what she and her family had been through, golf was easy.

I want to take a quick look at her swing -- you'll see immediately why she's become so successful on the LET -- but first I'm including a four-and-a-half minute piece Golfing World did about her in February. For those of you who aren't familiar with her, it'll serve as a good introduction.

Now, here's a look at her swing. I was only able to find a couple of down-the-line shots, but the angle on this one will show you why she's so good.

From this angle you can clearly see a few things that I mention continuously on this blog, like a one-piece takeaway and a smooth change of direction at the top. But I'd like to take particular notice of how steady and balanced she is throughout her swing. From this angle, you'd be able to see if her head did any bobbing up-and-down or if she stood up during her backswing.

How does she maintain this position? It's because her hips stay level during her swing, and they stay level because she keeps her knees flexed throughout her turn back and then down. Her right hip is moving backward during her backswing, not sliding sideways away from the target. She probably feels as if her right knee straightens slightly because her right hip is moving away from her target line but, as you can see, it never completely straightens out. When you keep your lower body this steady, everything in your swing becomes much more consistent.

Mel Reid is a mentally tough player, and her mind controls a bulletproof swing. Try to copy Mel's lower body stability and your swing should improve as well.

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