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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some Updates

I've had some Facebook problems among other things, so let me get you guys up-to-date on some changes you may have noticed.

First, the Facebook problem: I mentioned my missing posts last week, and at the time I thought they had vanished overnight. I now think they never posted, but I missed them because of the view I see when I pull up the blog's Facebook page. The posts were being sent to Facebook as usual, but apparently Facebook has made some changes that interfered.

I went into Twitterfeed to try and fix the problem, but apparently the normal post tweet (which has the post title and some of the opening paragraph) is now sent to Facebook, which creates an entirely new tweet with the words "Ruthless Golf Blog" and an entirely new mini-link. That new tweet posts on Facebook and then gets sent out on Twitter, resulting in the same post being tweeted twice. I haven't figured out how to fix it yet, but I know about the problem. In the meantime just be aware that you can use either tweet to access the post.

You may also have noticed a gadget in the sidebar for the store at Zazzle. In case you don't know, Zazzle is the equivalent of electronic publishing for T-shirts and mugs and all kinds of other things, and they're used by places like Hallmark and Disney. Ultimately I'm planning to do some stuff for my other sites using Zazzle but I needed to learn how it all works, so I created two "stores" there to learn how to create different kinds of products. One is the RuthlessGolf store, which you can get to from the gadget that shows the light and dark T-shirts (you can also get hoodies and sweats with the images from those links) or from a link in the Some Useful Golf Links list. The other is the Defiant Publishing store (for non-golf stuff) with a link in the Just for Fun list.

If you try them, let me know what kind of service you get, how easy it was to use, etc. That will help me make sure everything is set up correctly.

Finally, Will Shakespeare is back! My poetry blog, Will Shakespeare for Hire, has been on hiatus since March 2011 because I needed the time for other projects. Updating four times a week sometimes took a lot of work! Ironically, the blog has continued to draw traffic while I was "gone." I did it entirely for fun, and intended it to encourage other people to try their hand at poetry. The idea was that Will put up poetry not because it was "great poetry" but because poetry is fun, and if people read the blog and felt that they could do better, maybe they would. Will writes everything from blank verse and sonnets to haiku and horror stories in verse. For example, one of Will's last haiku was called "Golf Ball":
Guided by dimples
Arranged in precise patterns…
But it still gets lost 
Some of the poems were serious and a lot were funny. One of my most searched-for poems (nearly 2/3 of my traffic at one point) was "Scheherazade," about a battered woman and a drunk husband. At the other extreme, one of my personal favorites was "Beach Blanket Bimbo." And if you have not-so-fond memories of learning to read, you might enjoy "Dick and Jane Order Pizza."

While I still have projects underway, Will has been bugging me with new poetry, new forms to try out, and just new ideas. I'll probably just update about three times a week, but Will's poetic announcement of his return to the blog will post at 8am ET today.

I think that's everything. There's a new Quick Guide in the works, but I'll have more news on that when it's ready to go.

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