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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Heat of Competition

I don't know about the rest of you but I was very impressed with the play of the LPGA and PGA players Friday, especially Hunter Mahan... and it's all about the heat.

See, where I live in North Carolina is roughly 260 miles SSE of Bethesda MD where the AT&T is being played. We're getting some of the same weather -- Friday it was 102 degrees here, with a heat index around 109. The biggest difference was the humidity, which was around 30-40% here versus the much higher humidity they experienced. That meant any breeze we had actually made us feel a bit cooler. Despite that, we were still under a "code red," warning anybody who had to be outside that it could be dangerous to your health... and not just if you had health problems.

In the midst of Bethesda's stifling heat, in the worst part of the afternoon, Hunter managed to turn in a 6-under round. That's just amazing to me! Bear in mind that only Cameron Tringale managed to match that score, but he started (and finished) his round earlier than Hunter.

The weekend is slated to be really hot there. The forecast for Bethesda lists an "Excessive Heat Watch from Sat, 11am until Sat, 9pm EDT" and possible thunderstorms. If that happens, the humidity could go through the roof and turn this tournament into a real test of endurance.

The forecast for Rogers AR isn't much better. Less humidity than Bethesda but a higher UV index. The ladies may not get much of a break themselves.

At least neither tournament has to worry about unexpected snowstorms.

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