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Monday, July 2, 2012

The Limerick Summary: 2012 AT&T National

Winner: Tiger Woods

Around the wider world of golf: Joe Daley got his first Champions Tour win (a major!) at the Constellation SENIOR PLAYERS Championship; Jamie Donaldson got his first European Tour win at the Irish Open; Ai Miyazato got her 2nd LPGA win of the season at the Walmart NW Arkansas Championship; Peter Tomasulo got his first Tour win since his 21-month bout with injuries at the United Leasing Championship; and Leah Wigger got her 2nd Symetra Tour win at the Island Resort Championship.

Tiger gets #74

They (whoever "they" are) always say, "He who laughs last, laughs best."

I don't know if that's true, but Tiger Woods is certainly laughing a lot lately. And all the naysayers who said that Sean Foley was ruining his game, that his new swing was all wrong, that he had lost his mental edge, and that he might win a few tournaments but he'd never really be a force on the PGA Tour again must be saying a whole lot of "naughty words" as it becomes more and more obvious that maybe Tiger knows a little bit more about his game than his critics.

Sunday probably set off a search for new expletives as the Man in Red snagged his 3rd win of 2012 and his 74th of his career -- only Sam Snead still has more. What's more, his three wins are on quality courses -- Muirfield Village, Bay Hill, and now Congressional. And the season's not done.

Give Bo Van Pelt credit. Although he's won before and I knew he's been playing well, I haven't seen him in this position -- last grouping with Tiger on a U.S. Open-quality course -- so I didn't know how he would hold up. He held up better than anybody except Tiger, and now I've got to move him up into my list of major contenders heading into the Open Championship in a couple of weeks. This was a big week for him, simply because he proved he can do it.

But Tiger DID do it... again. And now we've got to wonder what may be ahead. Clearly he's resumed work on his short game, which must mean he finally feels good about his full swing. Of course, good news for Tiger could be bad news for everybody else. Now we're going to see just how much ground they really made up during Tiger's "vacation."

Of course, Tiger's critics just lost ground. Perhaps he'll send them some complimentary soap so they can wash their mouths out.

In the meantime, I offer up this little Limerick Summary in salute of the "washed-up" player who just became the PGA Tour's first 3-time winner of 2012... and to remind his critics that increasing their vocabulary may come with other consequences:
With his third win this year, at Congressional,
Only Sam Snead now leads in professional
Wins total. I guess
Tiger's renewed success
Will send critics in search of confessionals.
The photo came from the tournament's main page.


  1. I had the good fortune to be able to attend the last 3 days at the Irish Open. Brilliantly organised event apart from the weather but it seems the Congo didn't do too well on the weather front either.

    My observations from the event:

    Given a lie with the ball below the feet, a pro is going to pull it just like the rest of us.

    The best ball-strikers aren't necessarily going to post the best scores. Harrington hit the ball beautifully all weekend (he was in total control of the ball) but couldn't buy a putt. By contrast, Ljungberg hit a shot so thin that it only got air when it used a little hill in front of it as a ramp - he subsequently chipped in for birdie. Proof of the "it's not how but how many" adage.

    Walk like a winner. Jamie Donaldson carried himself with an attitude on Saturday that projected "I have this won". I don't mean he did this in a prideful manner - he just oozed confidence. Not bad for someone without a win in 12 years.

    Now here's hoping that everybody's hard work at Royal Portrush has paid off and they attract the Open back.

  2. I'll be shocked if Royal Portrush doesn't get an Open before long. Between the success of this event and of Northern Irish golfers in general, I don't see how they can not have one there.

    BTW, I think Paddy's in the same place Tiger was a few weeks ago -- he worked so hard on his long game that his short game suffered. Since he seems to be back on form, it's just a matter of time till he gets his putter working again.