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Saturday, August 25, 2012

LPGA Fun with Dick and Jane

See Dick and Jane.
Hello, Dick! Hello, Jane!
See Dick and Jane disobey Mom and Dad and stay up late
    so they can see the LPGA on GC.
Bad GC! The LPGA was tape-delayed anyway!

The LPGA is playing the CN Canadian Open.
What did Dick and Jane see?

See Yani.
Hello, Yani!
See Yani lead after the first round.
Lead, Yani, lead!
See big name players struggle in the wet conditions.
The players prepare for a tough second round.

Lydia Ko with the US Women's Amateur trophy

See Lydia Ko.
Hello, Lydia!
Lydia is 15 years old.
Lydia just won the U.S. Women's Amateur.
See Lydia shoot 68-68 in the wet conditions.
See Lydia shoot a bogey-free 2nd round.
See Lydia shoot 7 shots lower than Yani.
Goodbye, Yani!
See Lydia tie the lead in Canada.
Lydia is tied with Chella Choi.
Lydia has one professional win --
    the 2012 New South Wales Open.
Chella Choi has no professional wins.
See Lydia lead the field by 3 shots.
Lydia is still just an amateur.
Lydia is still just 15 years old.

See the LPGA field learn to be afraid.
Be afraid, LPGA, be very afraid!
The photo of Lydia Ko and the US Women's Am trophy came from the KoreAm's page tagged "Lydia Ko."

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