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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bo Van Pelt's Feet

I was reading the November issue of Golf Digest and found a short article by Bo Van Pelt. Given how well Bo has played this year -- and is playing this week in Kuala Lumpur -- I thought I'd pass along what he says has been the key to his improvement over the last few years.

Bo Van PeltBo said he used to make all kinds of adjustments for each swing -- changing ball position, stance width, different feels for different shots, etc. He said it was just too many moving parts to develop any kind of consistency. So he simplified it all.

Now he just changes his stance, narrowing it when he needs to hit a low shot and widening it when he needs a high shot, and both his ball position and swing stay the same.

Although he doesn't spell it out quite this clearly, I think -- from his explanation in the article -- that he only moves his trailing foot when he changes his stance width. The ball is always the same distance from his lead foot. This way, when he widens his stance, he just moves his trailing foot back and gets the effect of moving the ball forward in his stance -- just what he needs to get a higher trajectory. Likewise, when he narrows his stance, moving his trailing foot toward the ball effectively moves the ball back in his stance, giving him a lower trajectory.

This is a simple way to control the trajectory of your shots... and if it works this well for Bo, why not give it a try?

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