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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bump and Run with Jim

Since Jim Furyk is playing in the last group at the McGladrey today with Davis Love III, I thought I'd post a golf tip from him. This is an older one on how to play bump and run shots.

Most of this is pretty much standard info, right? Ball back slightly in stance, hands slightly ahead, etc. However, he says something here that's good advice for any shot you want to play, but it's crucial for short game shots like this (and I quote):
You always want to put the club in the position you plan to hit the shot from, and then take your grip. Put your club in the position you want it, and then take your grip.
It's very easy to end up taking a slightly different stance than you originally intended. If you wait until you've taken your stance before you finalize your grip, there's a better chance you'll get the club face aimed where you want the ball to go.

We'll see if Jim can follow his own advice and put the ball where he wants it today. The way Davis is playing, he isn't gonna make this easy for Jim.

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