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Thursday, October 25, 2012

In Case You Need Some Equipment...

I got an email from Logan Baker at Callaway Golf Interactive that I thought I'd pass along. The email said, in part:
I work with Callaway Golf and I wanted to let you know about a great deal I think the users of your site would like to see. You already have a ton of great information, and I think this would be the perfect fit for your readers.

We’re offering 15% off Fairway Woods at the store until November 30 with the code V15OFFW. You can already find great deals on the Certified Pre-Owned site, and this coupon makes the deal that much sweeter! Your readers could use this coupon on the popular Diablo Edge Tour Fairway Woods, which can be found here:,default,pd.html

Please feel free to share this coupon code and link on your site.
Just so you know... I have no connection to Callaway and I don't get any money if you decide to buy anything. But given how expensive golf equipment is, and since Callaway was kind enough to let me know about this, I thought I'd pass it along -- just in case any of you are already considering some used Callaway fairway woods.

Bear in mind that the coupon code appears to be for ANY fairway wood on the preowned site, not just the Diablos, and Logan didn't specify any limit on quantity.

Hope this can save some of you some money.

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