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Friday, October 26, 2012

More South Africans to Learn!

If you've been watching the CIMB Classic and the name Jbe Kruger is new to you, better get used to it. He's another of those young players coming out of South Africa with a lot of game.

I had some trouble finding Jbe's player page at the European Tour site, despite him being a member. Fortunately I was able to find a working link at Jbe's Wikipedia page, so you can get to his ET page by clicking this link.

Jbe (that's short for James Barry and he seems to be ok with pronouncing it like the initials J.B., despite the odd spelling) fascinates me because he's such a little guy. He's only 5'5" tall and around 130 lbs, yet he smacks the ball around 290 yards. (Yeah, you read that right -- 293.35 yards this season, to be exact.) He's got two wins on the Sunshine Tour and he got his first ET win earlier this season.

Here's a short piece Golfing World did on Jbe (mostly funny questions) that gives you an idea what his personality is like:

And if you want to know how good his nerves are, he played his second round with Tiger Woods -- he hadn't even met him until a few minutes before tee time -- and at the time I'm writing this, the two have finished 11 holes. Tiger is -3 for the day, sitting at -8 overall, while Jbe is -6 for the day and has the solo lead at -11.

Better get used to the name, folks. Jbe Kruger needs to develop some consistency, but he's certainly got the game... and at only 26, he's got time to make that name much better known.


  1. Hi Mike, I'm planning to go to the match this Sunday and maybe just watch Tiger play a hole or 2 (not a big fan), who else do you think I should follow & study their swing? Carl Pettersson?

  2. Ramzi, Brendon de Jonge and Kevin Stadler might be good ones to watch since they're both big-chested guys like you. I don't think you can go wrong with Jason Dufner either -- he's not quite as big, but you can learn some good things from him. And some of the Asian golfers might also be good for you to watch but I don't get to see them enough to know which ones... although I think Prom Meesawat may be along the Kevin Stadler mold.

    Bear in mind that most of these guys are thicker around the middle than you. I mention them because their chests are thicker than many of the other golfers, so watching their arm movements may help you. Pay particular attention to their positions at the top of their backswings -- their shoulder turn, arm position, how much their hips are turned, and whether their left heels are off the ground at the top.

    1. Thanks Mike for the tips. I personally think that the sponsors overspent on Tiger's appearance fee as some of the good ones are in Shanghai now. So the field is just so and so.

      Hahahaha but did you notice Tiger was drenched in sweat? Somehow he's not accustomed to the heat & humidity

      During the first CIMB I managed to check out Ernie Els, Luke Donald & KJ Choi's tee off. That was sweet!

    2. Bear in mind that the events are on different tours as well. The CIMB is a PGA Tour event. But Rory and the other big names at the European Tour event are in the "playoffs" for the Race to Dubai, and that race is very, very close!

  3. Who is going to win the race to Dubai?

  4. I wouldn't bet against Rory, especially since Justin Rose isn't playing so well this week. Only Oosthuizen and Hanson are putting any pressure on him, and they're both over €1million back. I think Rory would have to quit playing for them to catch him.