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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Charlie Beljan Plans to Play

I'm not sure DisneyWorld was the happiest place on earth for Charlie Beljan Friday. He shot -8 and has the lead by 3 strokes, but they had to carry him off on a stretcher and, after several minutes of care at the course, took him to the hospital.

You can click here to hear the 5-minute phone interview he did with GC later in the evening. And if you'd rather read the original GC post written before the interview, click this link.

Just to get you up-to-date on the situation: Charlie's had this problem before -- elevated heart rate, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and feeling faint. The doctors don't know what's causing it, and apparently they can't predict when it's going to strike. Talk about a bummer!

Charlie struggles near the end of his round

The paramedics had to check him out on the range before he went out to play because he didn't feel well, and they followed him around the course. They really didn't like his blood pressure readings at the 10th hole, and Charlie says he doesn't remember much of the last third of his round.

Given that Charlie's just about the longest hitter on Tour, it may not surprise you that he made two eagles during his round. Chalk one more up for that old saying, "Beware the wounded golfer." I'm sure that wasn't written about players who need an ambulance in order to finish the round, but...

Charlie said that, unless the doctors tell him he's in danger, he plans to play today. With his best chance to get his first win, it's hard to blame him -- as he said, it's a dream come true.

Hopefully some of the Disney magic will rub off on him and he'll have a healthy finish to his week -- healthy for both his body and his trophy case.

The photo came from the GC post listed earlier.

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