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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

School Is Almost in Session

Q-School, that is. Tomorrow is the first day of the final stage of both PGA and LPGA Qualifying Tournaments. The two are slightly different, yet nauseatingly the same.

At least, I'm sure that "nauseatingly" is the adjective most of the participants would use.

Rather than trying to rehash all the info on the official Q-School sites, I'm just including links so you can delve into them all you want.

The primary LPGA Q-School page is at this link. The LPGA Q-School lasts for 5 days, Nov 28 - Dec 2. It will take place on the LPGA International Golf Course at Daytona Beach, FL -- although I understand that's actually 2 courses, the Champions Course and the Legends Course -- with 126 players teeing it up. You can see the complete list of pairings and tee times for the first round here.

If you just want the basic info about it, you'll want to check this page which explains who gets what category of exemption, etc. The basic deal is this: The Top20 get full status while 21-45 get conditional status. Two of the big names looking for Tour cards are Mel Reid and Chie Arimura.

And no, I couldn't find any TV listings for the LPGA Q-School. GC apparently plans to focus on the PGA Q-School.

The primary PGA Q-School page is at this link. (The links for pairings and such are prominently displayed on that page.) The PGA Q-School lasts for 6 days, Nov 28 - Dec 3. It's being held at PGA West in La Quinta, CA, on the TPC Stadium and Nicklaus Tournament courses. PGA West used to be considered a real bear (no Nicklaus puns intended) when it opened back in 1986. TPC Stadium was designed by Pete Dye -- do I need to say anything more?

As best I can tell, there are 172 players in the field, and the Top25 and ties get their PGA Tour cards. Although 5 European Tour players made news by announcing that they would join the PGA Tour, other ET players will be at Q-School -- like Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano and Rafael Cabrera Bello.

GC's PGA Q-School coverage starts Thursday at 2:30pm ET with the PreGame Show, then tournament coverage starts at 3pm ET.

Yes, it's time for the annual live broadcast of sports-induced nausea... the original reality TV show. Enjoy it -- none of the participants will.

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