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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Last ET Event of 2012

Last week ended the LPGA season, this week ends the European Tour season. Officially called the DP World Championship, Dubai -- it's not a World Championship; rather, it's sponsored by DP World -- it's to be played at the Jumeirah Golf Estates in Dubai. (And yes, Jumeirah is the name you've been seeing on Rory's cap.)

Of course, the tournament's a bit anticlimactic this year since Rory locked up the money title a couple of weeks ago. It seemed to me that the men who might have challenged him simply abdicated the title -- they all either went to play in Australia or didn't play at all. (I'll give Poulter a pass on that one, simply because he was the defending champion at the Talisker Masters and it was only an outside chance that he could have caught Rory. But had he known Rory would miss the cut, would Ian have skipped Australia? Hmmm...)

So why should you even bother to watch? Well, there is one very interesting twist to this tournament. You see, we have the potential for several possible back-to-back winners! Luke Donald won in Japan last week, Henrik Stenson won in South Africa, and Miguel Angel Jimenez -- the Most Interesting Golfer in the World -- won in Hong Kong. All three are in the field.

And yes, as much as I like Luke Donald, I'm rooting for the Mechanic to get His Most Interesting Win of the Year. ;-)

For those of you who are interested, the home page for the Dubai tournament is here. This page has links to the leaderboard and all of the other info about the event. GC will begin televising the event tonight (technically, that's Thursday morning) at 3am ET.

Rory may have taken the money title, but I'm not so sure he can get another win this year. I don't think the other players are ready to concede that to him.

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