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Monday, November 12, 2012

The Limerick Summary: 2012 Children's Miracle Network Classic

Winner: Charlie Beljan

Around the wider world of golf: Cristie Kerr came from behind to win the Lorena Ochoa Invitational on the LPGA and end a two-year win drought; Matteo Manassero beat Louis Oosthuizen in a playoff to win the Barclays Singapore Open on the ET; and Oscar Fraustro won the Dominican Republic Open on the PGA TOUR Latinoamérica.

Charlie and friend

It was to be the last Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Classic... and possibly the last PGA event at DisneyWorld, as no replacement sponsor has been found yet. I guess it was only proper that it be sent out with a bang.

Or rather, an ambulance siren.

I wrote in Saturday's post about Charlie Beljan's unexplained bout of illness in Friday's round. Personally, I don't believe it's a panic attack, which is the explanation most of the announcers seem to have settled on. The doctors found that Charlie's body was low on a number of minerals -- electolytes -- that would have given him those symptoms. It was noted that Charlie was drinking sports drinks, not water, during Saturday's round -- a round during which he got progressively better. As for feeling badly on Sunday morning, the man played Saturday on one hour of sleep. I'm not surprised he crashed!

As you can guess, I believe any panic attacks were caused by feeling bad, not the other way around. Having experienced the electrolyte problem before, I believe that explains all his symptoms -- including the unexplained episodes earlier in the year.

At any rate, Charlie himself says the events of the week -- while not desirable -- probably helped him deal with the pressure of leading. After all, he had bigger problems! But winning wasn't one of them. No one ever really challenged him; he won by 2 strokes after a bogey on the final hole.

This was Charlie's rookie year on Tour. He got married earlier this year, then came close to winning at the Greenbrier Classic, and then became a dad 7 weeks ago. It's probably all felt like Fantasyland to him anyway, so getting his first win at Disney just seems appropriate.

Anyway, this week's Limerick Summary salutes Charlie Beljan and his... eventful win after a somewhat Goofy week at Disney:
As Charlie endured Friday's terror,
He wondered if he'd made an error
By going eighteen –
But his toughness might mean
He's become Disney's last trophy bearer.
The photo came from the front page of

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