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Friday, December 28, 2012

Don't Hit the Bottle... with Your Feet

Since I'm keeping things short this week -- holidays keep everybody busy -- here's a quick video lesson from the folks at

The video is called Use Your Feet to Catch It Crisp and it teaches you a simple drill to help you stop "spinning out" on your downswing. (That can happen if you hang back on your trailing side during your downswing.) You only need a bottle to do the drill -- no expense there! -- and it gives you quick feedback on the problem.

This looks like a good drill to help you take the moves you learn from the Body Movin' drill -- which I frequently recommend because it doesn't require a club -- and apply them to an actual swing.

When you improve your footwork, you improve your ability to get solid contact because good footwork keeps you more centered over the ball during your swing. If you want a quick drill to help your footwork, this short video just might help you out.

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