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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hitting an In-to-Out Fade

I found this Golf Digest tip video based on some instruction from Mike Bender. It's on that somewhat confusing technique where you hit a fade using an in-to-out swing -- the method most of us think of as a hook move:

The video is pretty self-explanatory. I'd just like to point out that, while the swing path is in-to-out relative to your foot line, it's still out-to-in relative to your aim line. In other words, you actually aim farther to the left (for a right-hander -- a left-hander aims farther to the right) for this shot to make sure the club head still travels across your aim line.

This is part of the reason I think Ben Hogan developed the idea of connection. It helped him get this in-to-out swing path at all times. (I have several posts on connection, but the link sends you to a post with a video of Nick Faldo demonstrating the technique. This link shows Jimmy Ballard demonstrating it, but Ballard is only connecting the lead arm in his video.)

Hopefully this will help you become more consistent at hitting a power fade.

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