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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Some Quick Balance Training Routines

After yesterday's post on proprioception, I thought a couple of quick videos showing how simple balance training can be might be useful. Today I have two very short workouts that focus on ankle strength -- a key element of balance -- as well as general lower body strength.

The first comes from St. Mary University's Athletic Therapy Program. It shows a variety of simple exercises to improve balance and ankle strength.

And this second video is extremely short... plus it has the advantage of being specifically intended for golfers. This one is so simple and yet so challenging!

I like these simply because they require no special equipment and it's very easy to adjust them to your current level of strength. The key thing to remember when doing these exercises is to keep your knees flexed. That's the natural way you move in life, so that's how you should move when you exercise.

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