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Monday, December 10, 2012

The Limerick Summary: 2012 Emirates Australian Open

Winner: Peter Senior

Around the wider world of golf: Charl Schwartzel blew away the field at the OneAsia Tour's Thailand Golf Championship; Shanshan Feng blew away the field at the LET's Omega Dubai Ladies Masters; Scott Jamieson won the ET's Nelson Mandela Championship in a playoff; and the team of Kenny Perry and Sean O'Hair squeaked out a win at the Franklin Templeton Shootout (aka the Shark Shootout).

Senior with trophy

When the PGA Tour isn't playing a regular season tournament, I sometimes have trouble picking what other tournament to write about. This week I had already decided to focus on the Australian Open, simply because Opens are usually important tournaments even if they don't always draw the big names. The Aussie Open had Adam Scott, Justin Rose, and Tom Watson; most of the other players were lesser-known names. But it definitely turned out to be the most interesting event.

You see, while the winners of some of this week's other events blew away their respective fields, no other tournament can say that its field was nearly blown away!

Even though there was a 3-hour delay because of high winds -- I don't know how high, but I heard there were gusts of 80km (that's around 50mph for my American readers) -- the Aussie Open still finished the event because the greens crew planned for it! They didn't cut or roll the greens and they picked easier pin positions, so the balls might wobble in the wind but they didn't roll away.

I don't think the players really appreciated it that much. Even par was a great score. A few players managed rounds of -1. The only guy to shoot in the 60s was -- no surprise -- Tom Watson, who shot -3.

But the beauty of it all was that the winner was 53-year-old Peter Senior. His final round of even par made him the oldest man to ever win the Aussie Open, beating the previous record set by Peter Thomson at the ripe old age of 43 way back in 1972.

I love it when the old guys prove they're still relevant. Maybe they aren't as flashy as the young kids, but often they're a bit sharper in tough conditions. So this week the Limerick Summary celebrates Peter Senior's newest Christmas present:
Oh the weather outside, it was frightful
And the high winds were never delightful…
But at 53 years
Peter Senior just sneers
When some blowhard says his game’s a mite dull.
The photo came from this USAToday article.

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