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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Watch Charl Move

Since Charl Schwartzel has won twice in as many weeks, I thought it might be good to take a new look at his swing and see if there's one thing that you guys could put into immediate use. And since he's been so accurate lately -- and since this footage is from only about 4 months ago -- I wanted something that would help your accuracy. Take a look...


I've tagged this post "weight shift" because it illustrates an error so many weekend players make but the pros don't.

Charl is clearly "shifting his weight" during his swing but he's not moving nearly as much as most weekend players. If you watch his right (trailing) knee during his backswing, you won't see it move to his right very much... but you can see that it twists enough to "point" a little to the right. That's caused by his right hip moving backward -- away from the camera -- as his body turns. His hips don't slide away from the target, they turn.

Likewise, on the downswing it looks like he slides toward the target... but take a close look. Stop the video when his left arm is parallel to the ground during the downswing (it's pretty easy to stop it there around the :28 second mark) and take a good look at his body. His spine is still pretty much vertical and just slightly ahead of the center of his stance. In fact, his left shoulder is still inside his left instep at this point!

Charl isn't moving a lot. You might find it easier to get this kind of movement if you think about squatting slightly on the downswing, which was Sam Snead's trademark move. Not a big squat, mind you -- just think about starting your downswing by planting both feet flat on the ground. Because your shoulders were turned at the top of the swing, this mini-squat will start your shoulders turning just fine.

If you're having trouble hitting down on the ball, this move will also help that problem.

And it will help you stay more centered over the ball, so you should hit the ball more solidly.

It's certainly been working for Charl.

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