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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Basic Principles of Good Putting

Here, from my book Ruthless Putting, are the seven putting principles agreed on by Dave Pelz, Stan Utley, and Bobby Jones.
  1. The putterface should remain square to the stroke path; the forearms should NOT rotate during the execution of the stroke.
  2. The putter should be held in a “parallel” grip, where both palms are parallel to the face of the putter and the back of the lead hand faces the target.
  3. The putter should be held lightly, without tension in the arms or shoulders or hands.
  4. The putter handle should be held so that the shaft aligns with the forearms.
  5. The putter should never follow an outside-to-inside path (a cut stroke).
  6. The putterhead should travel on a long low path, as close to the ground as possible, both going back and through.
  7. The lower body should not be rigid, neither should it be consciously moved. It should move no more than the natural execution of the stroke requires.
The beauty of these principles is that not one of them requires you to use a specific style of putting. You can put them to work in your existing stroke right now and see immediate improvement!

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