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Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Wild Friday at the Barclays

After his round Thursday, Sergio said he didn’t see a 65 out there, let alone three of them.

On Friday, nobody even got close. Sergio definitely got the worst end of the draw this week, waking up to lots of wind and rain; only a handful of players managed to shoot 1-under par, and Sergio wasn’t among them. Still, his 5-over 76 hasn’t hurt him as badly as you might think. The afternoon wave didn’t play a whole lot better (except for a few players like Webb Simpson, whose amazing 3-under gave him the 36-hole lead), and Sergio ended the day tied for 11th place, actually moving up the leaderboard as the afternoon wore on. And with more heavy rains in the forecast, Sergio’s chances to win are still pretty good… and it looks like he’ll make next week’s Deutsche Bank Championship as well.

Bad circumstances happen to all golfers at some time or another. One of the tricks to making the best out of a bad situation is simply remembering that, although it may look really bad at the time, that situation may not hurt you as much as you thought. Depending on what happens to everyone else, you might even discover you got the good side of the draw!

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