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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Can Cristie Kerr Get It Done at Samsung?

Ok, I’m going on record that Cristie Kerr is my pick at the Samsung World Championship this weekend. Her play Friday looks like she’s found whatever it is that’s been missing. (Perhaps all it took was Jiyai Shin snatching the lead in the Player of the Year race away from her. Nothing like a little competition to get the juices flowing and the focus sharpened.)

Granted, Jiyai Shin is leading the tournament. Coming off last week’s win, she’s a shoe-in for Rookie of the Year with three wins in 2009 and, as I said, is now leading the Player of the Year race. She’s putting like a maniac, but she’s not hitting the greens; that’s a bad combination.

Based on two days of play, I’d have to say Ai Miyazato looks to be playing the best. Since winning earlier this year, she seems more… well, confident. She’s putting well and hitting greens, a deadly combination.

Lorena Ochoa is tied with Miyazato, one stroke back of Shin. Lorena’s got something to prove, I think, and is in good position to do it. But she’s struggling to hit greens, as is Shin.

Cristie Kerr wants that Player of the Year trophy. No American has won it since Beth Daniel (the 2009 Solheim Cup captain) in 1994. Plus, she's hitting greens, putting well, and only three shots back.

The Samsung will be broadcast live today on NBC, at 1:30 pm EST. (That’s the time here in North Carolina, where I live.) NBC plans 2 ½ hours of coverage, the leaderboard is tightly bunched, and it’s being played at Torrey Pines, so how can you lose? Given the pitiful lack of TV coverage this year, it’s a rare chance this year to see some quality women’s golf.


  1. I think Cristie had her birdie fest yesterday. I think Lorena will be at or very near the lead today and snatch the trophy tomorrow...

    The Birdie Gods rarely shine on you two days in a row.

  2. I wouldn't argue with your logic, Vince. I just think the Americans are hungry for a win (they haven't had one since May, other than the Solheim Cup -- and she won that one) and Cristie is probably the hungriest of all. Like I said in an earlier post right after the Solheim, I think Cristie is still the best female American golfer right now... and she usually finds a way to win when she gets in position, her meltdown at the Open this year notwithstanding.

    I just got a feeling about this one. She's overdue for another win.

  3. And I need to correct myself: NBC plans only 2 hours of coverage... but that's still better than we've gotten for most of the year.