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Friday, September 4, 2009

The Limerick Summary: The Barclays

If you asked people who know me well, they’d tell you I have a sense of humor… at least, they would if they were feeling charitable. I lean toward the sicker forms, like puns and parody and such, as you may have noticed with the chupacaddie piece yesterday. (When I read that someone had claimed to catch the legendary chupacabra, it was just too good to ignore.) Since I intend this to be more of an instruction and encouragement site, I can’t really do many humor posts. (My friends are applauding wildly behind me.)

But there’s always a way, if you’re determined…

Much to my friends’ dismay, I have decided to try and do a weekly tournament summary… as a limerick. Since the playoffs began last week but I didn’t have the idea until today, it makes sense to post one for last week’s tournament, the Barclays. So, without further ado, here is the first example of my artistry:
When the Barclays was won by Heath Slocum,
Did it prove that the playoffs are hokum?
Beating Els, Woods, and Stricker
May make some fans sicker―
But I think you can say that Heath smoked ‘em.
An honorable mention must go to the following rejected contender. While I normally wouldn’t share a second-place choice, this one has its own charm:
Heath Slocum has climbed golf’s Mount Everest
But, with Woods just ahead, he can never rest.
Up from one-twenty-four,
Now he knocks at the door…
And perhaps that will pique Tiger’s “interest.”
I know you’re all looking forward to my next summary… but I'm afraid you’ll have to wait. Isn’t the suspense just killing you?

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