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Monday, September 28, 2009

The Limerick Summary: Tour Championship & FedEx Cup

Oh, you lucky people―you get TWO limericks today!

The one for the Tour Championship has a different rhythm than most of my limericks. You see, limericks generally feel like they’re skipping along… but Phil was clearly marching over everybody Sunday. There’s a poetic term for the rhythm I used, but I have no idea what it is. Live with it.
It only felt like forty days and
Forty nights of high tides raisin’
Over East Lake―
That was his wake.
Man, Phil’s play was just amazin’!
Of course, Phil was too far back in the rankings to beat Tiger for the Cup. (I believe Tiger had to finish in 8th place or something like that, just for Phil to have a chance.) But there were others who might have taken the Cup away from Tiger, had Phil’s incredible play not ripped the field to shreds. As a result, Phil gets a mention here too:
Though the Championship welshed on their tryst
And he needed Phil’s help―what a twist!―
Tiger won the ten mill…
And the FedEx Cup still
Doesn’t know what it’s like to be kissed!
(At least, I didn’t see him kiss the Cup and, at the time I posted this, I couldn’t find anybody on the Web who said they did.)

And so ends the saga of the 2009 FedEx Cup race. More dramatic than last year, to be sure, despite our doubts as to whether this is a true playoff system; at least we got to see four good weeks of golf. And I believe Phil has now moved back into the #2 spot in the world rankings. Given his high spirits after this win, I can’t wait to see #1 and #2 tee it up together next year!


  1. Thank you kindly, ma'am. I do my best. (Of course, when it comes to limericks, most of my friends believe my best is nowhere near good enough.)