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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Paul Casey Out for the Week

Golf Channel reported today that Paul Casey is out of this week’s Deutsche Bank Championship with―let’s see if I can get this right―strained intercostals and a torn interior oblique. (I’m not an expert in anatomy, but I think that means he tore up some of the muscles around his ribs.) At any rate, Paul was apparently planning to try playing, but Scott Verplank warned him against it; I guess he’s had the problem before. Anyway, Paul’s doctor agreed, and now it’s day-to-day, with Paul planning to play in next week’s BMW Championship. He currently stands at 27 in the FedEx Cup standings, and the Tour says the top 33 will definitely make it to the next event, so Paul’s playing it safe this week.

Personally, while I’m tempted to congratulate Scott for eliminating one obstacle to his success (Scott ranks 37), I applaud him for advising Paul to sit this one out… and Paul for actually doing so. I know players tend to say “man up and play through it,” but some injuries are just too serious for such a cavalier attitude. Get well soon, Paul. And if it means skipping the rest of the season, DO IT; you’ve got a long career ahead of you, and some injuries just shouldn’t be played through.

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