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Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Quick Cruise Around the Bloggerhood

I decided to take a Sunday off this week — my first since starting my blog — so I thought I'd take a quick spin amongst my golf blogging friends and see what's going on. Looks like everybody's been busy!

Neil over at The Armchair Golfer has uncovered the reason for Camilo Villegas's relatively poor play in the playoffs. Looks like he's been doing a little impromptu racing.

Heather over at Real Women Golf appears to be doing her own take on Desperate Housewives. What else could cause her to wonder if she's a worse influence than Tiger throwing clubs?

Perhaps she should talk to Vince over at One-Eyed Golfer, who thinks Tiger is more like Michael Jordan. (After the trashing MJ took over at Yahoo Sports, you shouldn't have to worry, Heather!)

Charles over at Me and Old Man Par got a tip from a little birdie — a tweet from Peter Kostis. (By the way, Charles, if you happen to read this, how about dropping by my profile and dropping me an email? I live just outside Winston-Salem, only a couple of hours away!)

Chris over at From the Rough ponders the off-day activities of pro golfers, while Patricia over at Golf Girl's Diary ponders what they might be wearing and carrying. (I don't really care for the pink bags, Patricia, but if they happen to have a Bugs Bunny head cover...)

For you techies, The Common Golfer has the scoop on Scotty Cameron's new system for analyzing your putting stroke.

And for you LPGA fans (like me!), Hound Dog LPGA has the stats on this week's P&G NW Arkansas Championship.

Meanwhile, I'll be back Monday with my limerick summary of the BMW Championship. I'm sure some of you are overjoyed by that news!


  1. Bloggerhood. I love that word. That's better than Blogosphere. So, if you see it in some of my posts, you should be flattered. Because, imitation (thievery) is the sincerest form of flattery.

    And, I will spend a few weeks and come up with some half-ass limerick. I love them, but I cannot do them, or poems, or songs, or......

  2. Don't worry, Vince...

    After my limerick shows up tomorrow, you won't think I can do them, either.