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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Well, Padraig Can Win the Cup If...

It occurs to me that others of you may be as confused as I am about the FedEx Cup points. I mean, if one of the Top 5 wins the Tour Championship, they also win the Cup... but it's not so simple after that. I found an article at the Charlotte Examiner website that will help you figure out how your guy can win (assuming your guy isn't Woods, Stricker, Furyk, Johnson, or Slocum.

Padraig can win the Cup if he wins the tournament and Tiger comes in 3rd or worse.

If Paddy doesn't win the tournament but comes in 2nd:
  • Tiger has to come in 11th or worse,
  • Stricker, 5th or worse, and
  • the other three, 4th or worse.
And if Paddy comes in 3rd or worse, he can't win the Cup at all.

(Of course, I picked Paddy to win, so the other scenarios don't really matter. But now I know... and so do you.)

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