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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Playing in Wet Weather

The remnants of now-tropical depression Ida are pounding my windows, much as they are all over the southeastern United States. Although the pros playing at Disney this week will probably have to deal with some soggy conditions, weekend golfers don't have to play under such conditions unless they choose to.

Still, sometimes you end up playing in the muck, so here's a few simple tips for those times. Most are just common sense, but maybe it's good to repeat the obvious.
  1. Dry off the grips before you swing. You don't want the club twisting in your hands.
  2. Keep your clubs as dry and clean as possible. Clean the muck off the face of the club after you hit; use a tee to get mud out of the grooves; dry the face before setting up to the ball. You'll make better contact, so your shots will be more consistent.
  3. Clean the ball whenever the rules allow. Mud on the ball can cause some unpredictable results.
  4. Use your legs less when you swing. Think about how you play bunkers. If your feet slip, you might do more than hit a bad shot; you might hurt your back.
  5. Finally, be aware of your surroundings. When you're playing in the muck, it's easy to overlook little things that you'd notice in clear weather. Those little things can add up to extra strokes... and extra injuries.
Personally, I think I'll let this patch of bad weather pass and just watch some golf on TV.

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