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Monday, December 21, 2009

The Limerick Summary: 2010 South African Open

Winner: Richie Ramsay

Although I thought about reviewing the Wendy's 3-Tour Challenge (which the women won – I keep telling you that you should pay attention to them!), the fact remains that the event was played a month ago and we've known since then that the women won it. Where's the fun in that? I could have written that limerick weeks ago.

Instead, I've decided to review the 2010 South African Open. (I still can't get over that whole '2010' thing. I understand the European Tour plans to get their years together soon.) Richie Ramsay became the first Scotsman to win the event, after Indian player Shiv Kapur only tied him on the last hole of regulation play and then pulled his tee shot into the bushes on the first playoff hole.

While this was Ramsay's first win on the ET, I felt that Edoardo Molinari's T4 finish was the biggest news, as this vaulted him into the Top 50 in the world rankings. Can you say 2010 Masters?

Anyway, here's the last tournament summary of the year...
Though Ramsay caught up to Kapur,
The playoff result was unsure
Till Shiv pulled his shot
And Richie did not,
Thus getting his first win on tour.

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