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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mickey Wright Talks About Expectations

Another good thought from Hall of Famer Mickey Wright. This one may hit home for a lot of you!
The most important thing is to get the ball into the hole to the best of your ability.

It used to bother me terribly that I could hit two beautiful shots to a green and two putt for a regulation par, whereas my playing partner could drive to the left rough, send her second shot to the right rough and skull an iron onto the green ten feet from the pin, then sink it for her par.

Demoralizing? Yes. But not any more. Now, no matter how I get there, I'm happy to be there. I try to get there in the most nearly perfect way, but if I don't, I don't chastise myself, nor lose any time or concentration in self-recrimination. (p.27)
I think this is the main reason Tiger has beat so many players so badly for so long. If you ever listen to what most players say about their chances, they talk about the need to play perfect golf in order to beat him. They're wrong, though; all they really need to do is post a lower score, and low scores aren't always pretty. Look at most of the people who have beaten Tiger, and while you may remember a great shot or two (like Y.E. Yang's hybrid over the trees on the last hole to win the PGA), look at the whole round and you'll see some pretty sad shots in there. (Like Yang's three-putt on 17, followed by a poorly-placed drive on 18.)

Low scores matter. Looks don't. Remember that, ok? You'll take pressure off your game and play better.

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