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Friday, December 18, 2009

A-Wrist-ed Development

Sorry, but I couldn't resist the joke.

This is another Practice BRAINge drill, although you can do it with a club also. In fact, if you have enough room to do it inside, I'd advise using a club. You don't need room to swing it, per se; just enough room to move it around a little. What we're going to focus on is grip pressure.

Here's all I want you to do: Take your stance, gripping a club as lightly as you can. (A wedge is fine; not only is the shaft short, but the head is heavier.) After you take your stance, try to move the club around without tightening your grip anymore than necessary. Tilt the club up and down; bend your elbows so the club shaft is over your shoulder, like you're chopping wood; even swing the club like a baseball bat if you have room. (Don't break anything!) While you do, consciously try to relax your grip as much as possible without losing control of the club.

Don't try to do anything fancy. All we want is to build a habit of holding the club as gently as possible, even when we're moving it around. If you do this until spring, it should help you form a mental habit of gripping the club lightly.

No room to swing a club? Then use your imagination... and your remote. You're probably just vegging in front of the TV anyway, aren't you? Or find something roughly grip-shaped and heavy. Just grip it like a club and make some "swings" with it.

It's a simple thing, but too much grip pressure is a major problem for weekend golfers. This is a good way to get a grip on the problem.

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