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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Limerick Summary: 2010 Bob Hope Classic

Winner: Bill Haas

A Monday finish for the Hope resulted in a Tuesday finish for the Limerick Summary. I hope this caused no major inconveniences for you, my dear readers.

It certainly wasn't an inconvenience for Bill Haas. With his dad Jay on site to watch (without Bill's knowledge), Bill stepped up big time to birdie the last hole. Haas, Tim Clark, and Matt Kuchar came to the par-5 18th all tied... and only Haas could commit the fowl deed. (Sorry... that just slipped out.) Bubba needed the big bird, but could only manage the small one. (Translation: Have birdie, need eagle. I know these are bad jokes, but don't worry... it gets worse.) The loss was probably hardest for Kuchar, who shot a 63 and still came up short.

As for the limerick... perhaps I should say something about the blucher remark. While my more fashion-conscious readers will have no problem with the reference, refugees from the culture of Sansabelt may need a quick lesson. According to, a blucher is "a high shoe or half boot." (Scroll down the linked page to see a picture of one.) Nicholas Antongiavanni, in his quasi-humorous book The Suit, elaborates thusly:
"Bluchers, because they are bulkier than the sleek oxford, are less formal. Among their many virtues, they are more comfortable on those with high arches, can help give mass to tiny feet, and go well with bulky cloth. But they should be avoided by those with large feet, and all but the sleekest examples look out of place with smooth, light worsteds." (p.93)
For the sake of today's limerick, simply think "boot" and you should be fine.

And so, without further ado, I present this week's rain-delayed limerick.
Haas and Clark, Watson and Kuchar –
Of these four, which three got the blucher?
On eighteen, a birdie
Put Haas minus thirty
And now he’s a first-trophy smoocher.


  1. NICE ! And a little nod to "Young Frankenstein" and Mel Brooks' inside joke. Heard Cloris Leachman on radio once explaining some of the subtle jokes - the Frau Blucher one was hilarious.

  2. I had forgotten that one, and I just watched YF again the other day! What did Leachman say about it?