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Monday, January 4, 2010

The Limerick Summary: 2010: The Prelude

Ah, at last! Something for the sports media to discuss besides... "indiscretions."

The Aloha Swing gets underway this week with the SBS Championship. As you know, this is a "champion's only" event; the first full-field event is next week at the Sony Open, also in Hawaii. Mercedes is no longer the tournament sponsor, but the players have to be excited that SBS signed up for the next 10 years.

As for the field... we know that neither Tiger nor Phil will be there, simply because they never are! This is a chance for the rest of the guys to get an early win on the board, as well as some bragging rights. Click here for a list of the guys in the field, courtesy of; there are 28 expected to play. My players to watch this week are Steve Stricker (who may have a little rust after so much time in a deer blind), Sean O'Hair, and Nick Watney.

My limerick is also full of anticipation:
The feel is distinctly Hawaiian
And hopes are most surely high-flyin’
‘Cause while Tiger’s away
All the mice plan to play;
They smell blood, and their lust is undyin’.


  1. lol - I like it. (let's hope they actually DO mean it this time since they had 9 months after the knee injury and basically made no impression on the #1 ranking)

  2. Thanks, Court! I hope so too. But things are different this time, now that the superhuman image has been shattered. And if Phil comes out hot... !

  3. Let's not go completely off the deep end. Tiger's personal life aura may be a bit tarnished - but don't jump to conclusions on how any of this will affect how he plays. He has faced problems in the past and all he did was come out with a vengance the following season. He's plenty PO'd about losing the PGA, not to mention missing the cut at the British. I'm not willing to count him out of an "I'll show you" year.

  4. I'm not counting Tiger out, not by a long shot. I'm just saying the "glow" has been dimmed enough to give the other players a (mental) fighting chance, which they haven't had in the past. This is the real wild card: How did this debacle affect the other players? Tiger was sloppy about covering his tracks, and I think a few of them will see this as evidence that he can be out-thought on the golf course as well.

    I certainly don't expect Tiger to roll over and play dead. But - and I'd be interested to know what you think - I think his year depends on Elin. If she decides to stay, I think we may not see him for quite a while, maybe even until 2011; but if she leaves, I expect him back for the Masters. The longer he's gone, the less likely it is that the top players will be as intimidated as in the past - especially if they put up some good numbers in the meantime.

  5. That's what everybody said after the knee operation - yet nobody stepped up.

    Don't mix business with plea...wait...probably shouldn't say it that way...I'll be shocked if Tiger doesn't win at least 2 majors this year with another 5 or 6 regular wins.

  6. Not animated - but still one of the alltime great lines from WC Fields to Bobby Jones about hitting the ball.

  7. Yeah, that's pretty cool. It's from the series of shorts Jones filmed for Warner Brothers after he retired from golf. You oughta see W.C.'s swing!

  8. it's my favorite of that series - that and the Joey Brown episode where he tries to put Jones in the worst possible spot and he gets to play Jones' good shots.

  9. I love that one! He was in several of the shorts (like the first one, with his putting contest against Frank Craven), but his "starring role" in that one was great. In a lot of ways, I think Brown made the series.

    (A trivia fact I found while looking for Craven's name: According to Keeler, Craven actually made his winning 30 foot putt against Brown on the first take... and won a real bet from Brown in the process. Source:

  10. lol - those Hollywood guys had a great time on the golf course. A friend of mine played college golf out there when the teams were given 2 year memberships after graduating. He got to be a regular in a foursome with Buddy Hacket, Dean Martin...and one other star who's name escapes me. Hacket got tired of losing.

  11. Ahhh... warmth... just the thought of it...