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Monday, February 8, 2010

The Limerick Summary: 2010 Northern Trust Open

Winner: Steve Stricker

Hooray for us old guys! (There's a bunch of fist pumps and chest bumps. The crowd goes wild... then everybody sits down and the inhalers come out.) The week may have started with older grooves hogging all the attention, but it was older players who finally carried the day.

Over in Dubai, Miguel Angel Jiménez (at age 46) won over Lee Westwood in a 3-hole playoff. Tom Watson (at age 60) was low American in the field, tying the best round of the day and finishing T8 at 6-under; had it not been for a double-bogey on the 18th Saturday, he would have finished T6 and only 3 off the winning score. You go, Tommy!

But it was a transcontinental trend. Steve Stricker, preparing to turn 43 in a couple of weeks, won the tournament that he lost to Mickelson last year. In the process, he moved ahead of Phil to #2 in the world rankings. Not bad for a guy who contemplated quitting the game a few years ago. While he didn't win by the 6-stroke lead he had starting the day, no one could get within 2 of him.

Ah yes, my old guys are stepping up to the plate nicely right now. I just hope they keep it up. No napping during the season, guys!
While grooves cause the others to bicker,
They don’t seem to bother Steve Stricker.
His spin on competing?
Leave no room for cheating…
Or even for hope. Not a flicker.


  1. NICE ! I'm sensing a future book of limerick memerobilia...except in Nantucket, of course. :-D

  2. Or Liger -- they had to make do with only the "tiger" and "Liger" rhymes.

    You know, for all the attention the "Nantucket" limerick gets, I always thought this one was much better:

    A damsel, seductive and handsome,
    Got wedged in a sleeping-room transom.
    When she offered much gold
    For release, she was told
    That the view was worth more than the ransom.