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Friday, February 5, 2010

Mike's Guide to Aerobic Training, Complete Post List

This post lists all the posts I did on aerobic training, just so they're more convenient to find.

And remember: I'm not a doctor, so all standard disclaimers apply. Proceed at your own risk!


The Basics

Guest Post from Apryl DeLancey at Women Like Sports



  1. I tried the 10,000 steps thing a while back. I understand the idea, but wearing that pedometer was almost as annoying as having to wear a beeper and not being able to get away from it. Not to mention the pressure ! Geez - you try to get to 5 figures, and when you can't do it - that pesky little meter just staring you in the face...I CAN'T TAKE IT ! :-P

  2. Still, I guess it's better than counting on your fingers... "7935, 7936, 7937 -- what did you say? I don't know where she is... Wait, where was I? DOH!... 1, 2, 3..." ;-D