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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's Almost Here!

In honor of the LPGA getting the jump on the men by having their first major this week, here's a quick salute to probably the weirdest custom in modern golf: the winner of the Kraft Nabisco jumping into Poppie's Pond. I can never get enough of Karrie Webb's cannonball (it's the fifth one in the video)...

Tomorrow's the day. Remember that ESPN2 covers the first 3 days of this event, not TGC.


  1. Why is the guys never made this a tradition. I've heard the women talk about how awful the smell of that pond is. I can't believe they still jump in.

  2. I think the women just don't take this as seriously as the men, JJ. It's a game, for Pete's sake! Sometimes I think the guys forget that. That's one reason I enjoy watching the women play.

    BTW, has the weather warmed up there in AK yet? Here in NC it's almost like spring came overnight. They say we might actually reach 80 tomorrow. (It won't last, but it's a nice thought.)