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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Limerick Summary: 2010 Waste Management Phoenix Open

Winner: Hunter Mahan

Around the rest of the golf world, the main news was Ai Miyazato winning the HSBC Women's Championship in Singapore. She has now won the first two events of the season, becoming the first woman to do so in 44 years. Not too shabby, Ai!

After nearly three years of "almost" and two great showings at team events, Hunter Mahan finally broke back into the winner's circle. The event will almost certainly be the butt of some good-natured joking for a while -- let's face it, if ever a golf course needed waste management, it's the event where the 16th hole is always wasted. But Waste Management certainly did a bang-up job taking over a legendary event that's been a fixture on Tour for decades.

Meanwhile, Hunter Mahan did some banging-up of his own on the rest of the field. Player after player made a run at the title, only to fall back. (I'm giving Yang a pass for having one bad hole, as he probably should have been in bed instead of playing.) While I don't agree that players who lay up on par-5s coming down the stretch are "gutless," as many have been saying over the last few weeks, I do think you need to make that 3rd shot with the wedge count. Mahan went for it at 15, Fowler surprised everyone by laying up; both walked away with par. But Mahan sank the winning birdie in the fishbowl at 16, showing once again that he's a big-time player. Wonder if he'll celebrate with a beer? In any case, I'm sure the fans have already celebrated way more than Hunter ever will!

Which brings us to our slightly inebriated limerick:
Hunter’s thirst for a win wasn’t bigger
Than the thirst at 16. See, I figger
Once they drained all the beer,
With no players to jeer
All the fans hit the bars for a jigger.

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