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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tooling Around the Bloggerhood

Well, it's been a while since I went cruising around the other golf blogs -- at least, since I told you guys what I've been looking at. So today seemed to be a good time to kick back and point you toward the posts that have interested me lately.

In my "This Is SOOO Wrong" category comes this post from Patricia Hannigan's Golf Girl's Diary on how you can win a pair of Slix underwear, signed by John Daly. As I commented on the post, I like JD, but this.... sheesh.

Heather over at Real Women Golf took me to task for that comment. Of course, there's a reason it doesn't bother her: the mere name of her post called "I Have No Balls" summed up the differences quite nicely. Of course, her problem has nothing to do with JD's boxers... I hope.

Charles over at Me & Old Man Par took a scientific turn as he tested the old adage that sick golfers play better. (SPOILER ALERT: I don't think he agrees.)

Apryl over at Women LIKE Sports (see, Apryl, I got it right!) is on a rant against packaged foods. I liked this post for two reason: She's promising some recipes next week... and she included a cool Pennywise song.

Over at Waggle Room, Ryan Ballengee beat Lucas Glover in a chipping contest. 'Nuff said.

Maybe Heather doesn't have any balls, but Michael Green down under at Aussie Golfer does... or at least, he did. Apparently a crow took it.

Hound Dog LPGA has an update on what's wrong with Paula Creamer. By all means, check the comments and get the scoop from courtgolf about what a "metacarpal phalangeal joint" is.

Vince, the Notorious O.E.G (that's One-Eyed Golfer), has been developing a rep for posting historical golf articles... but I really liked him shining a spotlight on Matt Every, recently of the Big Break.

And finally (on this list, that is -- don't write anything else into it!), Neil over at the Armchair Golf Blog kindly gave Laura Davies a little love when she won her 73rd tournament. The Blonde Bomber is still a force to be reckoned with!


  1. Mike, good work over here and thanks for including me in your roundup. I always appreciate your comments at my place. It's easy to tell you know and love the game.

  2. You're welcome, Neil... and thanks for putting up the kind of posts that people want to read. God knows we've had enough bad news to read over the last few months!

  3. You rock - again! I'm stoked that you appreciated the Pennywise track. Loves them bunches! I've been on a big music kick as far as posting vids lately.

    Thanks for including me in the roundup!

  4. No prob. And I'm looking forward to see what kind of recipes you post this week!