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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Very Late Puerto Rico Open Update

Since they didn't finish up until Monday afternoon, they didn't get a limerick... but they do get an update.

The Puerto Rico Open was plagued by rain. Usually they get an inch of rain in March, but this time they got 12 inches in a mere 7 days... and 6 of those came Thursday. Helicopters were brought in and hovered just over the fairways, to help dry the course. The Tour still managed to get 72 holes in, and for that reason alone they deserve an update!

The winner was Derek Lamely (that's pronounced "lam-ly," not "lame-ly") with a winning score of 19-under. The win gives him, among other things, a Tour exemption through 2012 and a berth in both TPC and the PGA Championship. I'm sure he doesn't mind being a little waterlogged.

A few other names I want to mention:
  • James Nitties (T3) had missed his first 6 cuts this year. The Aussie is way too good to be struggling the way he has; it's good to see him put in a good tournament.
  • Steve Elkington (T7) hasn't really been struggling, per se -- he just hasn't been living up to what we expect from him. Nice to see him playing well also.
  • Woody Austin (T7), aka "Aquaman," is another guy whose year hasn't started particularly well. Woody's self-flagellation is legendary, but I've followed his play for several years and am glad he had a good finish this week.
  • John Daly (T24). JD's struggles have been well-documented. After 3 missed cuts to start the year, this is his second made cut and his finishes are improving. Way to go, John!
  • Carl Pettersson (T33). Yeah, I know a lot of you guys don't follow the Swede. But he's a North Carolina boy now, and I try to keep up with how he's doing. After a T5 at Sony early on, he's been struggling; but this is a step-up from his last 5 tournaments, so hopefully he's righted the ship and will be playing better from now on.
This week we're back to full-field events with the Transitions Championship. We'll see if surviving Puerto Rico has given these guys any confidence to build on.

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