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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jerry Rice Goes 0-for-1

The Fresh Express Classic is a tournament hosted by retired NFL great Jerry Rice, who also happens to be serious about becoming a pro golfer. He had hopes of making the cut in this Nationwide event but, much as had been predicted, he didn't even come close. He's the 6th big-name athlete to try and fail.

I hate that he didn't -- not just because it would be good for the Nationwide Tour, but because I like Jerry and I like to see the underdog succeed.

I hope that he doesn't give up. After that first round 83, he bounced back with a very respectable 75 (TPC Stonebrae is a par-71). He improved in almost every statistic except Driving Accuracy; however, he was 35 yards longer and hit more GIR. His +5 score Friday was basically the result of a double and a triple; otherwise he had 3 birdies, 3 bogeys, and the rest pars. I think that kind of comeback shows he can handle the mental game. Give him a few more events to get used to the conditions and the level of competition -- and some practice hitting fairways and greens -- and I think he just may start making some cuts. (Friday he hit 62% of fairways and 61% GIR. OUCH!)

Like I said, I hope he keeps trying. You go, Jerry!

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