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Monday, April 26, 2010

The Limerick Summary: 2010 Zurich Classic

Winner: Jason Bohn

Around the greater world of golf this week: Lorena Ochoa announced her retirement from golf; this week's LPGA tournament will be her last as a regular player. Perhaps it's appropriate that Ken Green made his return to the game at the same time. On the European Tour, Marcus Fraser won the Ballantine's Championship with a wire-to-wire victory -- his first victory in seven years. Mark O'Meara and Nick Price won the Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf team tournament on the Champions Tour, breaking O'Meara's four-year winless streak. (Is it still wire-to-wire when you need two playoff holes to seal the deal?) And on the Nationwide Tour, Ewan Porter won the South Georgia Classic. His win was NOT wire-to-wire... the only one this weekend that wasn't!

Back from the dead... a phrase that describes both New Orleans and Jason Bohn's golf career. It's been five years since Bohn last won at the 2005 BC Open. (Which, ironically, no longer exists.) Well, maybe that's not quite fair; Jason's made pretty good money in the meantime, enabling him to keep his Tour card and make a healthy living. Still, it's nice to pick up one of those old trophies from time to time, just to remind the other guys you're still around and not just specter of the past. (Are you noticing the whole undead theme I've got going here?)

Bohn's win was also a wire-to-wire win. A couple of other players without PGA Tour wins put up some spirited competition -- Jeff Overton and Troy Merritt -- but in the end they didn't have a ghost of a chance. Bohn stiffed it on the 18th, leaving mere inches for his birdie, killing their hopes. And if that wasn't scary enough, Jason proceeded to hug Peter Kostis on the 18th green for absolutely no reason that I can think of.

Ok, maybe the whole Anne Rice "Interview with a Vampire" voodoo undead thing seems a bit cliché... but I think Katrina's still too fresh a memory for any kind of drought humor in this week's limerick. Besides, even without making a joke about hockey masks and Crystal Lake, how do you ignore a perfect setup like his last name...?
New Orleans is haunted this midnight;
The vampires can’t sleep ‘cause it’s too bright.
The noise wakes the undead
And spirits are lifted—
The Bohnyard’s a party till daylight!

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