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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Today's the Day!

Finally, we get to talk GOLF... although it's kind of a mixed bag, isn't it?

Of course, we got that awesome putt from Arnold Palmer on the final hole of the Par-3 Tournament Wednesday. The King sinking one from all the way across the green, in front of a huge crowd... now it feels like the Masters!

Before that, we had Billy Payne's "State of the Masters" address that bluntly called Tiger out and basically told him that he wasn't bigger than the game, that he needed to remember "...that every kid he passes on the course wants his swing but would settle for his smile" -- a line that seems destined for some form of immortality, given the overwhelming response to it -- and that the Masters hoped to be the start of a second chance for him. You can read more about it here in this NY Daily News article, and see a piece of the speech here at

And afterward, Nike premiered this somewhat bizarre new commercial featuring an Earl Woods voiceover. The word "creepy" has been applied to it by some viewers; I don't know if I'd use that word, but it does seem a bit inappropriate to me -- not because of what it says, but it does seem like an attempt to turn Tiger's "indiscretions" into a marketing tool. Personally, I understand that Nike realized that they couldn't ignore the last few months, but I'm not sure this is the best way to go about it. It seems that Nike would want people to believe Tiger is sincere, but this could undermine that somewhat.

What will today bring? This Masters has already proven to be full of surprises, so I don't expect today to be any different. The big question is "What will Tiger shoot?" I'm guessing 72 or 73; those would be good scores, given the unusual nature of the attention he'll have to deal with. I think the real wild card here is the rain that's suppose to come in about the time Tiger hits the back 9. If he gets a light rain -- enough to slow down the greens but not enough to trigger the "green suckers" that keep Augusta greens so fast after a rain -- that could help Tiger score a bit better.

Of course, the big guys rarely top the leaderboard after the first round; I don't think that will change. My list of players to watch today is Charl Schwartzel, Martin Kaymer, Chris Wood, and Matt Kuchar. All of these guys have been playing well except Wood, but I think Augusta sets up well for him. And I think the Woods/Choi group may turn out to be a good one for Kuchar.

My surprise player for the day? Keep an eye on David Duval; he's going out in the last group, and may get some help from the rain. Remember, some of his best showings over the last couple of years have been in rain-plagued events.

Now... let's watch us some GOLF!


  1. I'm sure TW did not like that. The fact is, he probably did not talk to anyone for many weeks after the accident for fear of every one of them telling him the same thing. He just did not want to hear it.

    I hope he is doing the things he needs to do to effect the changes necessary in his life.

  2. So do I, Vince... so do I. At least it looks like he is.