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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sun Young Yoo's Golf Swing

I've been looking for some footage of Sun Young Yoo, winner of the Sybase this weekend, hitting her driver. The best I've been able to find is this short clip of her hitting what looks like a hybrid during practice before the 3rd round of the 2009 HSBC Women's Champions Tournament. The clip's only 9 seconds long and you may need to run it several times to get a smooth viewing, but it's worth it. Bear in mind that this is a practice swing (and over a year old, at that) and not nearly as fast as her drive was over the weekend, but it should give you a good idea of how well she swings.

I really wish I could find a clip of her hitting her driver; she was both steady and powerful during the Sybase. I remarked in the Limerick Summary post that her driver had that "solid" sound that many of the best male players have. Angela Stanford's stats have her outdriving Yoo by about 10 yards, but they were pretty much even in the finals and you could tell a distinct difference between the sound of Angela's driver and hers.

What I want you to pay attention to is her rhythm and balance. She isn't lurching toward the ball, and her upper body isn't "waving" back and forth trying over the ball. If you remember my post about microsquats (I did one post for righties and one for lefties), you'll see that she's doing something similar -- that is, when she turns into her backswing, her knees "squat" ever-so-slightly. (Watch her right knee; it's more obvious there.) It isn't a big move; it just takes some of the pressure off her back muscles, which lets her turn more freely without making a big sideways move over the ball.

If she keeps swinging the way she did this weekend, you may see her win another tournament or two this year. And if you copy her rhythm and balance, you should make more solid and consistent contact with the ball.


  1. Yeah. That must have been pretty early in her warm-up because that's a pretty slow swing.

    Jim Dauer

  2. I hate that some of TGC's footage didn't end up on YouTube. They had some great face-on footage of her driver swing.

  3. You just saw her driver swing...and her 9-iron swing...and her 5-iron swing. She has such beautiful rhythm and balance. Too bad more American golfers don't have swings that well put together.

    We see great athletes like Gulbis and Creamer with goofy swings that will break down and cause physical damage over time.

  4. The scary thing (for the other LPGA players, that is) is that Yoo was swinging even better at the Sybase than she is in this video! She was just rock solid in that last match.