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Thursday, June 24, 2010

In Preparation for the Wegmans LPGA Championship

None of this may be news to you but with another major starting today, I wanted to make sure everybody is up to snuff.

I guess by now everybody knows that TGC picked up Terry Gannon, who previously did ESPN's LPGA telecasts. Wednesday night he made his debut on the station with a brief preview of this week's major. Apparently Judy Rankin will continue to work with him, so this bodes well for upcoming LPGA broadcasts.

I believe they said that the Top 15 players in the Rolex Rankings are playing, and 29 of the Top 40. Again, a great field bodes really well for this broadcast.

Several players are still nursing nagging injuries, like Jeong Jang and Suzann Pettersen. But the biggest question marks will be Paula Creamer, who says her hand is still a little weak and sore, and Jiyai Shin, who's coming off an emergency appendectomy just two weeks ago. TGC's Randall Mell reported that she hurts a little during the follow-through, but let's face it -- she just lost the #1 spot and this is a major on a relatively short course that she's won on before. There's no way she was missing this!

As usual, HoundDog LPGA and Mostly Harmless have extensive coverage of the tournament, so I'll refer you to their sites. But I want to call your attention to this HoundDog post with an overview of the tournament. and I HAVE to mention that the Constructivist is actually there as a media member this week. He's posting all kinds of interviews and stuff you'll want to check out, including this overview post that includes all the pairings.

TGC's coverage starts today from 12:30pm-2:30pm.


  1. Oh, and I was there M and T but won't be back till F-Su!

  2. You're still there, TC -- our very own "roving reporter"! ;-D

  3. What ? You didn't do any extra reps of your "Buns of Steel" tape in preparation ? :-)