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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Limerick Summary: 2010 John Deere Classic

Winner: Steve Stricker

Around the wider world of golf: Edoardo Molinari got his first win at the Barclays Scottish Open; Peter Tomasulo won the Ford Wayne Gretzky Classic on the Nationwide Tour; Yuri Fudoh won the JLPGA's Meiji Chocolate Cup (I LOVE that tournament name! The Constructivist has the details); and Paula Creamer got her first major win at the U.S. Women's Open, at Oakmont Country Club. Not only did she do it shortly after thumb surgery -- and as the only player under par, at that! -- but Johnny Miller actually compared her driving to Ben Hogan, not something you hear from him very often.

In the past I've posted a couple of teaching clips from that great sportsman Goofy, including his awesome "How to Golf" video. (If you somehow missed it, you can find it here.) Of course, while I was at Disneyworld last week, I had hoped to interview "the Great One" in person but, as is typical of gifted people, he was deeply involved in one of his other passions and his time was limited. However, we did get to speak for a few moments and, as you can see, he was kind enough to pose for a quick pic with one of his biggest fans.

Me and GoofyBut things got a little goofy up in Silvis IL as well. It wasn't enough that Paul Goydos shot a first-round 59 and Steve Stricker rode in on his coattails with a 60. (As Charlie Rymer at TGC said, you don't expect to see two rounds like that in one tournament, let alone one round.) They say it's hard to follow one good round with another, but both men did -- Goydos with a 68, Stricker with a 66. And if that wasn't enough, they did it again -- Goydos with a 67, Stricker with a 62! It's true that others tried to keep up, like Jeff Maggart with a 66-65-63 to catch Goydos, but at the end of the day Stricker had ripped up the field with the lowest 54-hole score in PGA history.

All that remained was to see who could survive Sunday's madness best. And while Paul Goydos gave the Dirtbag Nation something to cheer about with his -5 final round (it gave him a berth in next week's Open Championship), he fell just short. Steve Stricker could only turn a -1 for his last round, but it was enough to bury the field and take his second win of the year to the barn... er, bank.

Ironically, I think the sponsor summed up Steve's performance best, so I've borrowed a little from them as inspiration for this week's limerick:
For divine help with rain, call a vicar;
When the harvest is due, hire a picker.
But to plow the field under
You don’t need to wonder,
It’s true—nothing runs like a Stricker.


  1. There has GOT to be a book of Limericks in the works for all of these jewels.

  2. Thank you, Court. I'm really glad you guys enjoy them.