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Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Long Day for the Ladies

After many hours of travel, my friends and I ended our day in Hilton Head, drenched in a thunderstorm... but we dried out in a room with unlimited wireless internet! I miss the Disney parks (Minnie Mouse kissed me goodbye this morning, though I suspect she was just getting back at Mickey for flirting with all the women at the Chef Mickey restaurant), but I'm thrilled to be able to surf the net again.

Paula CreamerImagine my shock when I caught the last few minutes of NBC's broadcast and found out that the Pink Panther had the lead! I'm not disappointed, not by any stretch of the imagination -- Creamer is certainly overdue to win a major -- but I didn't expect her to be in contention this soon after surgery. And to be the only player under par (as of this writing) is nothing short of amazing. (The pic is from

The whole leaderboard looks about as good as we could have hoped for. Wendy Ward's surprise run up the board, along with the mass of great players at +7 or better... if Creamer's hand starts to bother her Sunday, this tournament is wide open. While I'm surprised that Cristie Kerr has slipped to +6, I suspect that she would have taken +4 at the beginning of the tournament, and since she has a few holes left in her 3rd round she could get some back. I think Natalie Gulbis predicted +5 or +6 to be the winning score, so we'll have to see what happens in the final round.

In addition, the rookie race at the Open turned out to be even more one-sided than I expected. If I've read the scoreboard correctly, only Azahara Munoz made the cut, meaning that she will pad her lead considerably. (Although I didn't expect Harigae to make the cut -- she seems to have been struggling a bit much lately to do well on a tough Open venue -- I did expect Blumenherst and Nocera to play the weekend.) This is going to make it really tough for the other rookies, as there is only one more major left (the Women's British) where a large number of points will be available. It Aza does well there, I don't think the other rookies even have a chance; they simply have not played well enough and consistently enough to make up the points at regular tournaments.

So what will happen Sunday? It all depends on Creamer. I skimmed through the scores so far and found only one round in the 60s -- a 69, posted Thursday by Brittany Lang. (Who's still hanging in there, BTW. That long high fade of hers could be a force to be reckoned with!) Creamer had one going Saturday until she bogeyed 13, which could have been a simple matter of having no daylight left. If she can par out her 3rd round and shoot another -1 in her 4th, I think she gets her first major.


  1. BTW, Mina just missed the cut by 1 shot! How about that win by Paula??? Maybe more dominating in its own way than Kerr's at Locust Hill.

  2. I agree. Being the only player under par is always impressive. But her reaction was priceless as well.

  3. Lang really got nervous, didn't she ? That high fade turned into a low yang to the left all too often, bunker shots didn't work, the putter needed an energy drink....