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Thursday, August 12, 2010

And Then He Said He Didn’t Say…

Thunderstorms interrupted my internet service for quite a while Wednesday night, so I was unable to do a normal post. Fortunately, there wasn’t much to report beyond the brewing catfight between Jim Gray and Corey Pavin. Of course, Corey’s already had some controversy earlier this year over Twitter, and a little Ryder Cup intrigue as the competition nears isn’t anything new. (Plus Gray had already found himself in a little controversy over the whole LeBron “announcement,” so this is just more fuel for the fire.) But as one TGC anchor noted, it’s almost funny how Monty might be in the midst of a possible sex scandal and yet Corey got all the attention! It will be interesting to see how this finally shakes out, since this is just another strange happening in a year of golf that has been nothing but strange from the beginning.

But the real irony of it all is that none of it means much where this major is concerned. So enjoy the PGA broadcasts today, and maybe something interesting ABOUT THE MAJOR will come up for tomorrow’s post. Maybe Tiger will light it up… now that would be fun to talk about!

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