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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ups and Downs

Forrest Gump on benchForrest Gump, had he been a golfer (and who's to say he wasn't? he did just about everything else), would have said, "Golf is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

And this week, he would have been absolutely correct. We've barely made the weekend and already things are topsy-turvy. First there was Carol Mann's Facebook rant about the "Ground Zero Mosque," as it has come to be called. And while I have an opinion about almost everything ;-), this baby's gone so far that I'm not sure reason will ever be restored... so I'm staying out of it and focusing on how to swing a golf club. Both Stephanie Wei and Jay Busbee have posts about the bruhaha, so I'll just link you to them.

Next we had Tiger Woods shooting -6 to lead the Barclays on Thursday... and shooting +2 Friday to fall back to T14. Still not bad after all his problems, mind you, but it's just more fodder for the media. Especially that 92.9% Driving Accuracy stat. (Are you sure we've got the right Tiger here? Sounds more like Fred Funk to me.) Oh yeah, Phil Mickelson missed the cut completely. Up and down, up and down...

John Daly finished Thursday with a -5 (T2) at the Knoxville News Sentinel Open on the Nationwide, only to post +1 and drop to T32 on Friday.

And Michelle Wie shot -7 (including a hole-in-one) Thursday to snag the lead at the CN Women's Canadian Open... only to move up another 3 shots to -10 on Friday! Surprise, surprise! Her closest competitors are Jiyai Shin at -7 (no big surprise there, huh?) and Morgan Pressel and Suzann Pettersen (the defending champion) at -6.

The U.S. Amateur is being played at the Chambers Bay golf course in Washington State. lists its length from the teal tees (yes, teal) as 7585 yards; I thought I heard them say over 7700 yards on TV. At any rate, this is for amateur competition! Where will it all end?

Strap yourself in, boys and girls. It looks like this weekend may be a bumpy ride... 

BTW Forrest... you got any dark chocolates in that box?


  1. There's barely been a peep on Wie so far from the media. She's playing in Canada, I guess that's too foreign and far away for the Tiger Woods obsessed. The 3174th column about Woods and this year's Ryder Cup or if and when Tiger be back must be filled!

  2. I guess you're right, eh? ;-D

  3. Wie has just about run out of free passes from just about everybody except Judy Rankin...and that is probably a good thing. If nobody is paying attention - all of a sudden the "head cheerleader" will have to buckle down and earn some praise instead of just having it heaped on because she's really cute.

    Judy Rankin cracks me up. Through Wie's last few starts, Rankin has made excuse after excuse after excuse for Wie's poor putting. A few starts back, Wie was genetically incapable of being a good putter. Then she just had bad eyes. Then she had what I can best sum up as "no rhythm" (like she had just turned into one of us white guys on the dance floor).

    In the first round, she was back to calling Wie "the annointed one" again.

    So much for Tiger having it back together again. Or does he just hate that front 9 ? :-)

  4. I'm willing to give Wie a bit of a pass until she gets out of college. I want to see what happens when she's 100% focused on golf. (David Leadbetter said something similar a few months ago, so I'm going to assume he knows what he's talking about.)

    As for Tiger... he's been divorced less than a week. I guess I'll give him a pass too.

    Would you like a pass, Court? I'm giving 'em away free today! ;-D

  5. Come on - you don't really believe she's a college student, do you ? (lol) She got in as a legacy (with a big future as a donor). In three half years taking what seem to be low level classes, her language skills are still those of a 13 year old. I still think the Stanford people cringe every time she opens her mouth, behaves unprofessionally, or lies to an official. She still thinks she's a junior just because she's been taking a few classes in three consecutive years.

    Yeah - Tiger's going to be fine.

    Got any passes from Matt Ryan ? I'll take one out in the flats. :-D

  6. As a Panthers fan, I'm afraid any passes from Ryan would be interceptions. I doubt you'd be interested in those. ;-)